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I’m a creature of habit, so I really rely on my weekly schedule to help structure my work time, my family time, and the nightly time when I get to collapse after playing with my sons. Things like church, school, office, visits, and father-sons time help give my life a rhythm. I know when I’ll be productive, I know when I’ll be playing, and I know when I’ll be recuperating. So if that rhythm gets thrown off, so does everything else.

Over the past month, my rhythm was disrupted a number of times. First, during the holiday break, when both school and Wednesday church activities were on hold for 2 weeks. Then more recently, we had to cancel church because of a freak blizzard one Sunday morning and the possibility of snow showers on a Wednesday night. As I write this, school was out 3 days this week for MLK Day, a teacher work day, and now more snow. During these times when my schedule isn’t what it usually is, it’s hard for me to know what I’m supposed to be doing. If my weekly or daily milestones aren’t there, I can barely remember what day it is!

One of the many reasons I’m thankful for our church is that it helps give my life a good, steady rhythm. Most everyone in the world has a weekly rhythm, but that doesn’t mean it’s good, or steady. But whenever we gather at Hickory Rock, it’s like the ticking of a metronome for me. If I get too rushed or stressed, then our Sunday morning worship helps me slow down and focus on God as we pray and sing together. Or if I start to lag behind one week, our Wednesday night Bible study group forces me to get in gear, because I know that good questions will be asked and inspiring points will be raised. Being together at church steadies my life. Not too fast, not too slow.

Or maybe our weekly activities are like the beeps on a heart monitor. Your connection with God and others gives your life a heartbeat, and being together at church helps you gauge how strong that heartbeat is — too low, too fast, out of balance? It’s like a regular check-up, where you can talk about your life symptoms with the spiritual medical group of our congregation — fellow doctor-patients who can help you diagnose and treat your emotional ailments.

So I encourage you to take advantage of the weekly wellness check that Hickory Rock offers. Come sit down and share what’s going on in your life. Let others offer support, and be a support for them. Take turns being both a doctor and a patient, because “we are here to help each other walk the mile and bear the load.” It will strengthen your heart’s beat, and help keep your life in a good, healthy rhythm.

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