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December 19, 2013

E for Ethical – Grading Fashion Companies

As a kid, I was overwhelmed with curiosity about what Christmas presents I would get. For gifts that were wrapped under the tree early, I examined them like a CSI forensics expert examines a body for clues. Now, though, I don’t need anymore toys. But I do need socks and undershirts, so I actually welcome gifts of clothes. However, when money is spent on me, I don’t want it to go to mean, jerky people. So what’s a gift-giver to do?

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November 11, 2013

Do Our Possessions Possess Us?

The Bible verse Obadiah 1:17 can be translated by saying that one day, when God makes all things new, God’s followers will “possess their possessions.” That might sound repetitive, but in actuality, does it ever feel like your possessions own you instead the other way around? They call to you, tempting you to buy them; then you have take care of them, fix them when they break, and give them your attention. But do they make you happy forever, or do they eventually leave you unfulfilled?

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