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I totally agree:

In a time of extraordinary transformation, small churches are a resource and a gift to the wider church. They are the ones best-prepared to enter the way of revitalization and renewal, and to report back to those who will follow.

That quote comes from this article, which also says that “small churches are the ones best-prepared to enter the way of revitalization and renewal” for the wider church. And being a part of Hickory Rock has shown me how true that is.

People today need different things than people a generation ago, and Hickory Rock is in a great position to do whatever needs doing to help others and demonstrate the love of Jesus. The article notes that “small churches can be places of extraordinary community, the very thing that people today long for. In a small congregation, an individual can often find a sense of belonging more readily than in a large church.” Yes!

Hickory Rock is a place where all people can come, plug in, and be an important part of a warm family of faith. Big churches you can get lost in. But at Hickory Rock, you will be an important contributor whenever you show up. Your very presence will make a difference in our worship or activity that day.

I love Hickory Rock because we know about each other, what’s going on in life, and we hear about people in the community who need help, so we jump up to help them. There’s nothing to hold us back. We can be flexible to follow in whatever the Holy Spirit is doing.

So let’s keep it up! You are an important part of this body of Christ, so what can you contribute? How can you make a difference? (Hint: Be creative and just follow the creativity of the Holy Spirit.)

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