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I just looked back at the church newsletter from a year ago, August 2014. There’s an announcement in it that says this: “‘On August 1, 1915, a meeting was held at Hickory Rock Academy for the purpose of organizing a Baptist Church.’ Thus begins the great history of Hickory Rock Baptist Church. And you know what that means? Come next August, Hickory Rock will turn 100 years old! That is cause for much celebration.” And celebrate we did. In fact, celebrate we are doing, as we continue throughout August.

A year ago, during one of our monthly Coffee & Snack Fellowship times, I scattered cards and pens around the tables and asked church members to write down what they thought we should do to celebrate the 100th anniversary the following year. I still have those cards, with handwriting from elementary-aged to senior adults. So let’s check back to see if we covered everything. Listed below are your ideas that we got done:

  • cookout
  • pool party
  • inflatables to play on
  • invite former pastors, members, & their families
  • bury a time capsule
  • period attire [I saw a number of bonnets, top hats, canes, and pocket watches]
  • display old items and photos, with a slideshow
  • Brian Miller sing-a-long
  • have a sign-in book
  • make a history of the church’s founding
  • everyone bring a food
  • have 100 things to eat [I think we had more than 100!]
  • a cake with whipped cream in the middle, and it be shaped like 100, with 100 candles [we had 100 cupcakes in the shape of “100,” so hopefully that’s close enough]
  • watermelon
  • 100 Bible verses
  • list people buried at the church
  • have fun

Yep, we covered all of those, especially the last one: have fun! Some of them we’ll take care of at the end of August. But sadly, there were two suggestions we didn’t get to: have 100 balloons, and have a tug-of-war. Oh well. You can’t please all the people all the time. But since those were the only suggestions we didn’t fulfill, I’d say we did pretty good. And it’s still not too late for a tug-of-war.

So thank you all a year ago for your great suggestions. The ideas came from you, the work came from you, the food came from you, and the people came from you. Without you, there would not be a church here today to celebrate. But because of your presence, support, contributions, and work every week and every year, there is much to celebrate: 100 years and counting of lives being changed, souls being inspired, and help being given, all through the love of God that you show to people.

As our 100th anniversary celebrations conclude, let us not rest on our laurels and live in the past. Instead, as we recognize the people who worked before us to build us up to where we are, let us live for the future, and continue building this family of faith so that it can keep inspiring people through God’s love for another 100 years.

Grace and peace,

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