Celebrating our past, present, and future.

Hickory Rock

We are a church of loving people, on mission to embody God’s love to the world. We are a church of imperfect people on a journey with God to grow spiritually and model the life of Jesus.

Associated Organizations

On the state level, we associate with the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina. Locally, we are a member of the Tar River Baptist Association of churches.



Choir loft windowOn August 1, 1915, a meeting was held at Hickory Rock Academy for the purpose of organizing a Missionary Baptist Church. Church services were held in the Hickory Rock Academy until a new building could be constructed. The building was completed in the spring of 1916. Rev. George Duke was the first pastor.

The charter members were as follows: Mr. & Mrs. W. J. Dennis, Mr. & Mrs. J. H. Joyner, Mr. A. B. Inscoe, Mr. & Mrs. J. R. Inscoe, Mr. R. H. Bobbitt, Mrs. Cora Bobbitt, Mr. J. R. Joyner, Mr. & Mrs. E. H. Gupton, Mr. Asbury Dennis, Mr. Frank Dennis, Miss Mary Dennis, Mr. Jake Dennis, and Mrs. O. B. Ball.

In 1920 when the benches were completed, the church was dedicated. It also became a member of the Tar River Association. In 1935, a new wing was added to the building for Sunday School classes. In 1948 plans were made for renovations of the building. The wing was torn down and six rooms added. The church was bricked and a heating plant was installed, as well as an organ was purchased. The church purchased pews, pulpit, table, and altar chairs in 1950. In 1960 a porch was added to the front of the church. The Educational Building and the church were remodeled in 1962. In 1967 stain glass windows replaced the existing windows. In 1969 a parsonage was built. The land that the parsonage is on was donated by Mrs. Lula H. Smith.

The church started a Hispanic ministry in 1999 for the Hispanic community. A place was provided for an adult Sunday School class and for worship service for those who could not speak English.

Since the beginning of Hickory Rock the members of Hickory Rock have donated their time, food, clothes, school supplies, toys, toiletries, and money for many different missions projects. Some of these needs include the North Carolina Baptist Hospital, North Carolina Children’s Home, Care and Share, Safe Space, Tar River Association Toy Store, women in prison, and numerous individuals who have needed financial assistance.

God has richly blessed the people and pastors of Hickory Rock through the years. The people have always ministered to people in need, cultivated a warm fellowship, and continued to seek Christian growth in both quality and quantity.

Pastors of Hickory Rock Baptist Church and the years they began:

1915 – G. M. Duke
1920 – B. E. Morris
1921 – W. R. Wallace
1923 – S. L. Blanton
1929 – J. C. Yates
1930 – C. H. Patrick
1931 – Fred R. Poplin
1932 – C. H. Patrick
1935 – John Edwards
1939 – Brookshire
1942 – Clyde Chapman
1946 – Watson
1948 – Jack Roe
1950 – Wiley Guthrie
1955 – L. H. Miller
1958 – Ellis Lanier
1959 – Henry C. Green

1963 – Roy Swift
1964 – Sam Wall
1966 – Herman Thomas
1967 – Charles Conway
1969 – Clay Cook
1972 – Jimmy Harrington
1974 – Jack Sammons
1978 – Jerry Bryant
1981 – Everett Rumbly
1985 – Rick Cato
1988 – Donald Godfrey
1991 – Rick Wade
1994 – Tim Cannon
1998 – Eric Howell
2003 – Luke Smith
2012 – Stuart Lamkin
2019 – Charles Haley


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